Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Make Your Employees Comfortable at Office

Written by Dave

How importance employees in business? Of course, they are very important because they can be referred as valuable asset to support business performance. As a business owner, you have to pay attention to employees’ welfare. This is about not only high salary but also comfort when working at workplace.

Do you know what you should do to make workers comfortable at office? If you don’t, do these:

factoryProvide good facilities. As you probably know, if office is equipped with good facilities, like well functioned computer, printer, air conditioning, electric panel, and toilet, employees will feel comfortable and relaxed to work. Thus, if you don’t provide good amenities yet, do it now. If now, you just need a new electric panel, visit Sinar Srikandi Eshalektrika.

Offer training program. Don’t let worker only rely on current knowledge and skill! You have to develop and improve their ability optimally. How? Offer training program. Taking this program they can learn more about business, so they can be better and smarter.

Give reward. What do you feel if your job is appreciated by others? For sure, you feel happy, right? Your workers also feel the same if you appreciate what they do. You can give compliment, bonus, or shopping voucher as reward. By doing this, they will feel appreciated and get comfort to work at office.

Take care of employees’ health. Taking care of your employees’ health is a must. Imagine if most of your employees get sick, can your company fulfill business target? Of course, the answer is not. Because of this, take care of their health as well as possible.

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Actions after Finding Your Website Inaccessible

Written by Daniella

Suspended WebsiteIf you are about to set up a website, remember it does seem much simpler than arranging the actual/off-line retailer. That’s since you believe anything can be achieved comfy along with web and your pc. Effectively, people shouldn’t go on it easy since building a site takes a large amount of time and work. In reality, people usually find their site unavailable. What in case you do when it occurs to yours? Listed below are three steps to consider:

1. Keep your site knowledge. Could it be actually unavailable? As it could be the vital element of your website don’t forget to backup your website info, in that case. You’ve to truly save them since there are absolutely essential articles inside.

2. Make An Effort To access from various products or windows. Remember, maybe you only couldn’t access your site from your personal unit or browser. Thus, try others. You are able to get online to test your site from Computer, notebook, smartphone, or others. Meanwhile, your online surfers may be the trigger or inaccessibility on the site.

3. Contact your online hosting service. Next, you’re highly advised to submit support tickets when possible to acquire the issues are fixed by the staff. You’ll be asked to login as a customer in-advance, before calling the staff. Then, pick any office and describe your troubles shortly. The staff trying their utmost to correct it and is going to be answering.

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

How Does a Boss Motivate Employees?

Written by Daniella

Motivate Employees3A boss or employer must always have tricks to encourage employees to be more productive and enthusiastic at work. Well, listed below are some common methods with brief explanations about how a boss motivates employees:

Be involved

Employees can get inspiration and motivation when they see their boss or leader involved in the tasks they are doing. In other words, a boss needs to take part in the works by explaining the jobs and giving clear instructions, providing good examples, and monitoring the progress well. Bosses shouldn’t just assign tasks to the personnel without engaging them first. Employees will probably lose their respect and lack of motivation at work.

Give rewards

Another popular method conducted by a boss or leader of a company is giving rewards. In this case, employees who exceed the targets or are the most productive in the office will receive rewards in the form of bonus, shopping vouchers, gadgets, or other. Workers will surely be motivated to work smarter and harder, too. On the other hand, most bosses or leaders also apply punishment in which employees will be fined or punished for doing bad things, like coming late, stealing time, gossiping, or others.

Plan for a vacation

Also, bosses or employees try to motivate the whole employees in the office by planning for a corporate vacation. To actualize this, every employee has to put effort to achieve company’s target. This method is perfect to strengthen teamwork unlike rewarding method in which workers only try hard alone to get the reward. By the way, this method was what I did to my employees a couple months ago. Since we consist of 10 members, I surely created a budget and minimize our expenses to save money on Bali trip.

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Enjoy Studying Abroad

Written by Dave

college studentsSome students look so happy when their parents ask them to study abroad. Unfortunately, they often feel uncomfortable with new environment, people and culture, so they fail to get any achievements. How about you? If you plan to study abroad, it is better for you to follow several tips below, so you can enjoy studying there:

Choose favorite country. To ease you to adapt with new environment, you should choose favorite country. This means that you have to study at country which is favored by students in your country. It will ease you to find friends and smooth communication. For instance, if you come from Indonesia, consider choosing German, UK, Australia, Japan, America, and Malaysia. Whatever country that you choose is, make sure that educational fee there is affordable. This is important to cut down your expenses.

Get scholarship. If you want to be independent student, so you don’t burden your parents anymore, get scholarship abroad. Getting this scholarship, you don’t need to pay tuition fee anymore, so you can save your monthly money. To get scholarship, you have to show all your ability, so you can become a qualified student. Then, follow the tests and do your best.

Last but not least, after joining school or college abroad, adapt as well as possible and build new relationship with classmates. Keep in mind not to be shy or afraid unless you want to look weird and be shunned by your friends. Hopefully, you can enjoy studying abroad, graduate on time and become a qualified graduate.

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Information about Power Outage

Written by Daniella

Power OutagePower outage is a common incident in any area. Even so, people find it disturbing and stressful since they are not able to use electrical appliance and do their activities optimally. You ever experienced this and know how annoying power outage is, right? Furthermore, you are also at risk when it happens since it might be caused by power surge. Here we are going to talk about general information, specifically the causes of power outage and tips to deal with it.

What are the causes?

There are numerous causes of power outage. Bad weather is among the most common ones. Power outage probably happens when it is windy. Heavy rainfall and lightning are obvious causes of power outage. Trees or limbs are also included in the primary causes of power outage. Inhabitants may also experience power outage when there’s any error to central power system.

How to deal with power outage?

When it comes to dealing with power outage, different people are probably having their own ways to stay comfortable at home or office building. For instance, in winter, when power outage likely happens, you have to prepare flashlight, heater, and external battery for your phone. You can do it after knowing weather forecast that shows there’ll be storm or rain.

Another important thing to do during a power outage is to turn of the lamps and unplug your electric appliances because they are not in use, right? Keeping communication with your family and neighbors is also crucial in a power outage in case unexpected things happen.

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Building an E-commerce Store

Written by Daniella

E-commerce Store2Would you intend to begin an internet business and perform online marketing? Making a perfect site is the main job to get going. Incidentally, which kind of business may be the most suitable for the online business? You absolutely need certainly to develop an e-commerce shop, if you’re likely to market a variety of items. Let’s discuss it more below!

How to develop an e-commerce site? Building an e-commerce shop is clearly not that difficult since you will find plenty of free ecommerce website contractors occur at the moment. Nevertheless, if you should be managing a large organization, utilizing a free contractor isn’t the ideal choice since it lacks of performance and capabilities without a doubt. Hence, you have to employ a web-designer to produce a lucrative and fantastic e-commerce site.

What’s e-commerce shop? E-commerce means electronic-commerce. This means that e-commerce store is just a type of company store performed electronically on the web. Procedure and company deal between clients and entrepreneurs are completed online.

Why e-commerce shop? Effectively, you might wonder why you wish to contemplate whether this site kind would work for you and must develop an e-commerce shop. Well, there are lots of benefits of e-commerce shop for company. It allows you to spot and classify your items so as.

Audience discovers the preferred items on e-commerce shop and can very quickly understand your sites. Besides, it offers reassurance about online transaction security to clients. There’s a shopping cart function on e-commerce store that helps clients in shopping online. Furthermore, e-commerce shop is also ideal for product assessment, so prospects can compare multiple products before generally making a purchase to ensure it’s the very best for them.

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Where Can You Visit Relieve Tension in Lampung?

Written by Daniella

stressPerhaps, you are now actually sick and fed up with your everyday jobs. This case could make you stressed in the course of time. Hence, why don’t you spend some time to possess fun? Departing your jobs for some time is completely the right way whether you operate your personal business or are a worker of the firm. Since there are lots of tourist destinations to obtain calm and reduce tension, such as for instance in the event that you don’t understand what to complete to savor your brief vacation, go traveling to Lampung and discover two best places to relieve stress below:

Food courts

Culinary journey is without a doubt what since you’re hungry throughout the vacation you need certainly to conquer your indifference. Hence, don’t wait to go for a walk and see if you discover a restaurant that provides Lampung or global cuisines. Just make sure to select food selections which you are extremely involved in. Some Lampung restaurants are Begadang Resto Convention Area, The Straits Lobby Bar at Sheraton, and The Block at Novotel.


Lamping land gets more and more well-known for visitors due to the shores. By what they’d do here in Lampung simply consult local and international visitors you discover. That’s right. Spending some time in the beach is among the greatest vacation actions since you may swim, color, play in the mud, and actually do searching and diving. Where to visit? Pantai Pasir Putih, Pantai Mutun, and Pantai Duta Wisata may be popular, but you should give Pantai Klara, Pantai Marina, and Pantai  Tanjung Setia a try as well.

Monday, March 10th, 2014

I Am Lucky Because of Choosing Good Web Design Agency

Written by Dave

Business dLast year, my friend and I started running online business. Both he and I ran online shoes store. We ran this business in the same city and competed fairly. When he bought high quality web hosting service, I also did the same thing. Thing that distinguish our effort is when choosing web design agency. At that moment, he chose web design agency based on offered price. They told me that he really trusted that agency.

Meanwhile, I thought twice when choosing web design agency. I asked for suggestions and recommendations from my family who ever ran online business. They suggested me to be careful of choosing web design company because not all companies were reliable. I chose some agencies and look into them one by one. Finally, I found the right one, named Cakra Studio that is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Cakra Studio provides not only web design service, but also internet marketing, web development, content services, and outsource development. I felt lucky because of choosing this company. After a month, I checked my visitor traffic and I said thanks to God because I succeeded to have good visitor traffic and also high sale rate.

Unfortunately, my success was not followed my friend. He failed to drive more customers and get much profit because his online store looked bad. This happened because his site was not designed by professional web designers. He regretted his mistake and redesigned his site by asking for help from Cakra Studio. Now, he already has good sales rate and we still compete fairly.

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Recommended Colleges in Singapore

Written by Dave

singaporeDo you plan to take college in Singapore? If you do, but you still feel confused of choosing the right one, consider registering yourself at one of the recommended colleges in Singapore below:

National University of Singapore. This is the biggest and oldest university in Singapore. In 2011, this university became top 30 universities all around the world. Here, there are 16 faculties that you can choose, such as: social science, business, computer, engineering, law, medical science, and much more.

Economics Cafe. Do you want to enlarge your economics knowledge and skill? If you do, choosing Economics Cafe is the right choice. This econs tuition center is owned by Mr. Edmund Quek who also teaches at this college. Now, there are more than 2 thousand students who join at this college.

Nanyang Technological University. It is the biggest technological university in Singapore. This university has about 33 thousands students  who take various faculties, like computer, engineering, business and social science.

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

What Makes My Relationship with My Girl Durable

Written by Dave

honeymoon bSome of my friends feel amazed of my relationship with my girl which already survives for 5 years. This happens because they can only maintain their relationship less than one year. Because of this, they ask me to share what things that make my relationship durable. As a good friend, I tell them that there are a lot of things that I do, such as:

Apologize. When doing any mistakes, apologize to your girl. This is highly useful to make her want to retain relationship. Remember not to follow your egoism and emotion, unless you want to ruin your relationship fast.

Praise her. Women surely feel happy when they are praised by their spouse. Therefore, praise her as well as possible. You can say “you look beautiful, wow… you are so pretty, and much more.” Keep in mind not to tell a lie to her. If you feel uncomfortable with her appearance or attitude, you should tell her, so she can introspect herself.